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Why is my string of pearls dying?

The tips in this article roughly apply to most ‘string of’ succulents in the genus Curio (which formerly belonged to the genus Senecio), not just the string of pearls (Curio rowleyanus).

String Of Pearls Shriveling

Symptoms: Shriveled leaves Causes: Underwatering or overwatering

Overwatered String Of Pearls

Symptoms: Burst leaves, shriveled leaves, yellowing/blackening leaves, unpleasant odor Causes: Overenthusiasm, potting mixture, drainage

Underwatered String Of Pearls

Symptoms: Shriveling, crispy leaves/stems Causes: Too little water, soil compaction

Bugs On String Of Pearls

Symptoms: Dots or fuzz, discoloration, shriveling, plant looks unhappy Causes: Infestation

Can you overfertilize?