String of Pearls Plant  How To Grow And Care

String of pearls is a succulent native to parts of Africa. It has unusual spherical leaves and a string of beads appearance which gives it its common name ‘string of pearls’ or ‘string of beads’.

Light Requirements

These plants prefer a position in which they get direct sun in the morning when the light is less intense, then filtered, indirect light, or partial shade during the hottest part of the day.

These plants thrive in warm conditions and prefer temperatures to be consistently above 21 degrees Celsius through the growing season from spring to fall. During the winter, these plants will appreciate temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius and so it is best kept out of more heated rooms during this time.

soil Requirements

As succulents, these plants need a free-draining potting mix or sandy, free-draining soil. A commercial cactus potting mix can be a good choice for your string of pearls.

It is a good idea to plant a string of pearls plant into a pot or other container that is not only free-draining but also quick to dry out. Unglazed clay or terracotta pots can be a good choice.

water Requirements

The amount of water that the string of pearls plant will need is relatively low. So watering too little is usually better than watering too much.

Pruning your string of pearls plant can help make it bushier and fuller, encouraging branching and discouraging legginess. Simply prune out any dead, damaged stems or ones that have lost a lot of leaves, and trim back any stems that have become too long.

Where To Grow String Of Pearls?