A Proper Guide On Using Neem Oil For Plants

by Marijke Puts

Neem oil extract is obtained from the Azadirachta indica tree. The neem oil plant or tree can be found in tropical regions of South Asia. The neem tree oil can be extracted from most parts of the tree. But, the seeds produce the most quantity.

The oil in a neem plant contains Azadirachtin. This is an effective organic compound that does the work of repelling insects… When using neem oil spray for plant pests, the organic compound produces a harmful effect on the pest. This causes them to stop feeding and results in them dying off.

Neem oil works on a large range of bugs such as:

– Mealybugs – Aphids – Thrips – Whiteflies – Scales – Fungi rot – Fungus gnats – Spider mites – mites

How To Mix Neem Oil For Plants

– Spray bottle – Garden  sprayer (neem oil sprayer) – Neem oil (2 tablespoons) – Liquid dish soap (2 tablespoons) – Protective gloves – A gallon of water

1. Dissolve the Soap in Water 2. Mix the Neem Oil in the solution 3. Spray the solution

Is neem oil safe for humans?