Orchid problems & solutions

SOS! Save my dying orchid

Although most of the most common orchids are not too difficult to grow, green thumbs and seasoned pros alike struggle at times when it seems like their orchid is dying.

Yellow Leaves On Your Orchid?

Problem: Foliage is yellowing Causes: Underwatering, overwatering,

Orchid Leaves Are Drooping

Problem: Leaves are wilting and wrinkling Causes: Underwatering, overwatering,

Orchid Is Dying From Root Issues

Problem: Roots look off Causes: Root rot, overwatering, lack of ventilation, incorrect soil, nutrient imbalance

Problems With Orchid Flowers

Problem: Buds or flowers are wilting Causes: Shock/stress, watering issues, cold, lack of light

Problems With Pests On Orchids

Problem: Infestation Causes: Spider mites, mealybugs, thrips & more