Marimo Moss Balls?

Marimo, also known as moss balls, Cladophora balls, or lake balls, is a rare growth form of a species of filamentous green algae called Aegagropila linnaei. The species can be found in the wild in several lakes and rivers of Northern Europe and Japan.

Light Requirements

Naturally forming on the bottoms of shallow lakes, these plants do not need intense light. Bright but indirect light is just fine for these unfussy aquatic plants.

It is important to remember that the water in whatever receptacle you have chosen should not get too warm. Remember, when growing this algae indoors, you need to mimic the conditions in the cold northern lakes where it is found.

water Requirements

Maintaining the water for these moss balls simply means making sure that you refresh it every now and then.

There are many different containers you might use to fill with water to create a suitable freshwater habitat for these algal balls. You might use a simple glass vase or bowl, even an old cookie jar, or other reclaimed items from elsewhere in your home.


Propagation is also very easy, so once you have a moss ball that is thriving, you can easily get more.

In a natural lake environment, the balls form into spherical globes because they are moved by the waves or water movement. Of course, when you have them in a glass vase or aquarium there will not be natural waves. So you will need to turn your moss balls regularly so they do not lose their shape.

Where do Marimo Moss Balls come from?