Lilac Meaning and Facts

The Lilac is one of the oldest flowers around today. Native to Europe and temperate areas of Asia, it’s believed the Lilac didn’t make it to the United States until the Colonial period.

The Lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire. The Lilac symbolism for the state is meant to be a nod to the residents’ hardiness. Lilacs are also the official flower of the 8th wedding anniversary.

In the celtic culture it was believed lilacs held magical powers because of their captivating fragrance.

Lilac symbolism is connected to wisdom in Russia. It was tradition to hold a Lilac bloom over a newborn’s head to impart the wisdom within the flower.

In the  U.S. the Lilac is a traditional flower given to graduates as a celebration of their achievements and new beginning.

Meaning By Color

White - purity and innocence Violet - spirituality Blue - happiness and tranquility Magenta - love and passion Lilac - first love

How Many Varieties of Lilacs Exist?