Plant Bugs

Identifying And Getting Rid Of Houseplant Pests

by Marijke Puts

Understanding the various types of plant bugs and how to get rid of them could save you a lot of stress. Check your houseplants often for any signs of a pest attack. The earlier you can spot them, the better for your plant.

Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats (Sciarid flies) are tiny common indoor houseplant insects. They are quite harmless but are known to disturb the indoor plant by hovering around its base.

Spider Mites

Indoor plant mites are some of the most difficult plants pests to deal with. They are descended from real spiders and are known to spin tiny webs all over the plant.


Mealybugs are larger pests than most pests on this list. They are related to scales and can be found in clusters resembling white woodlice.


Whiteflies are second cousins to aphids and scales. They look like white moths and are known to form colonies on plants.

Root Aphids

Aphids are the most popular indoor houseplant insects. They survive by sucking on the sap of young plants by attacking their tips or flowers.

Leaf Miners

Leaf miners are dangerous houseplant pests.  They attack the leaves of natural indoor plants. Their attacks leave a nasty yellow trail on the affected plant’s leaf.


Thrips are the worst pest infestation your plants can suffer. They can lead to the death of the plant if left untreated.

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