How often do you water a cactus?

Cacti should be grown in very light, airy soil that allows water to drain in seconds. After all, their roots have not evolved to be able to deal with moisture for prolonged periods of time. Normal potting soil is too dense for them and holds water for too long. Go for a 50/50 mix of potting soil and perlite instead, or even a no-soil cactus mixture.

How Often To Water A Desert Cactus

– When it’s time to water, you’ll want to imitate a desert rainstorm: a big downpour. These plants are not used to receiving little bits of water here and there, they prefer being flooded periodically.

It’s no use going for a well-draining soil mixture if excess water just collects at the bottom of the pot. You should always use a planter with a drainage hole when growing cacti. Terracotta planters are particularly popular, as they’re porous and allow water to evaporate through their walls.

How Often To Water A Jungle Cactus

– You can water most jungle cacti when the top inch or so of their soil has dried out; stick your finger in the medium to test if you’re not sure.

Most cacti naturally grow in arid environments with little protection from taller trees. They’ve evolved to be able to withstand a good bit of sun and they won’t appreciate being grown in the darker corners of your home. Give your cactus a spot on the brightest windowsill you can offer! You can even grow it outside during the warm summer months.

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