Ric Rac Cactus: A Stunning Indoor Plant That Thrives in Any Space

Ric Rac Cacti have long, flat, serrated leaves. These leaves are green with a pronounced rib up the center. Because the leaves trail, ric rac cactus look good in hanging baskets.

Light Requirements

Despite the cactus name, this plant actually grows in dappled light, not direct sunlight. It grows on the trees in the jungle, so ric rac cactus grows best in light that replicates that.

Water Requirements

Keep the soil moist but not soggy from spring to fall, then allow it to dry out between watering in the winter.

Ric rac cactus need humidity of 40-50 percent. This is higher than most homes. The cactus grows well in the bathroom since it usually has higher humidity than the rest of the house and filtered light.


From early spring to fall, feed ric rac cactus with a water-soluble fertilizer high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen every two weeks. Do not fertilize the plant in winter.


Cut four to six-inch sections of the stems to propagate the plant. Allow the cuts to dry for two to three days so they callous over.

Ric rac cactus are vulnerable to branch dieback, rust spots, and stem rot. These are all caused by overwatering. If a stem is rotting at the base, remove it.

How do I get my ric rac cactus to bloom?