How to Care for Flowering Cactus Varieties

To promote blooming in flowering cacti, simulate the desert conditions they grow in. These conditions include ample heat, sunlight, and correct watering procedures.

Flowering Cactus Light Requirements

Place flowering cacti in a south or west-facing window to provide the direct sunlight they require. On average, cacti need six to eight hours of full sunlight per day.

Flowering Cactus Water Needs

Cacti require water to bloom, even if they are drought tolerant. Water your cactus when the soil has completely dried out.

Flowering Cactus Varieties

Christmas Cactus

It is prized for its showy, tubular blooms that appear from early to late winter.

Easter Cactus

Blooming occurs during late winter to early spring.

Spider Cactus

Creamy-white blooms appear in spring and summer.

Powder Puff Cactus

Flowers can be white or red and appear in summer.

Balloon Cactus

Large, bright-yellow blooms grow at the top of the cactus during summer.

Is A Flowering Cactus a Good Indoor Plant?