20 Flowering Bushes

Flowering bushes are often classified as ornamental bushes since they provide color and structure to your garden.


As the name implies, this flowering bush has a strong, sweet fragrance.


Known not only for its sweet fragrance and showy blooms, the Gardenia augusta is quite finicky when it comes to its care.

Oregon Grape

It flowers for an extended period in winter and shows off small inedible berries in the summer to late fall.

Winter Daphne

Originating from China, Daphne odora blooms in winter.


Even though it produces flowers in the winter, the most beautiful part of this bush is that it turns bright red in winter

Rose of Sharon

If you need a remedy to cure burns, cuts, or any small wound, try using the gooey liquid found inside the buds of the Hibiscus syriacus.


Roses are one of the most well-known flowering shrubs


The blooms of the Camellia stay open for weeks

What Is the Easiest Flowering Bush to Grow?