Does Fairy Castle Cactus bloom?

The cactus earns its name from the plant’s multiple stems, of varying lengths, that resemble the turrets and spires of a castle. The stems are five-sided and feature wooly spines on each plane.

Light Requirements

For proper Fairy Tale cactus care, provide full sun or partial shade. At least six to eight hours of direct sunlight is recommended.

Water Needs

Allow the soil to dry completely between waterings for your Fairy Tale cactus. Water until it seeps through the soil and collects in the drip tray. Pour out excess water collected to avoid root rot.

The Fairy Castle cactus loves high-heat conditions. Provide temperatures between 64-79 degrees Fahrenheit (18-26 degrees Celsius) during the spring and summer growth months.

Soil And Fertilizer

Use a soil mixture that is well-draining such as cactus soil. Make your own soil using one part each of a peat-based potting soil, coarse sand, and perlite.

Propagation of the Fairy Castle cactus is possible by both seeds and cuttings. Due to the plant’s slow growth rate, cuttings is the recommended procedure. If propagating by seeds, collect the seeds from dried blooms and sow them in a small pot filled with a cactus soil mix.

Can I Buy a Fairy Castle Cactus with Blooms?