Echeveria Agavoides Grow and Care Guide

Echeveria agavoides requires bright light for several hours a day. Exposure to sunlight creates more vivid coloring and a compact, upright growth habit. In temperatures above 90 °F, protect from intense sun by bringing containers into the shade or creating a shelter using shade cloth.

soil Requirements

The lipstick echeveria is adapted to grow in well-draining, rocky soils.

Let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Water well and allow excess to drain away. Avoid waterlogged conditions that can cause root rot. Water directly into the soil to prevent wetting the foliage.


Echeveria agavoides will flower in the spring and summer once it reaches maturity. Flowers can last from three weeks to a couple of months.

Lipstick echeveria is most successfully propagated by offsets and cuttings (beheading/topping). The plant can be propagated from leaves but the success rate is low. Propagation by seed is possible but less common. Propagate in the spring or summer when the plant is actively growing.


Repot Echeveria agavoides when it is rootbound or overcrowded. This may only be once every two years.

can Echeveria agavoides grow outside?