Delphinium  Meaning and History

The name Delphinium comes from the Greek word “Delphis”, which means dolphin. The Greek thought the unopened buds of the flower resembled the nose of the aquatic mammal.

It was said the flower sprung from the blood of the Greek god Ajax, who was killed during the Trojan war. Flowers that blossomed from his blood and their petals apparently were inscribed with the letters “Ai”, which means “alas” in Greek.

In today’s world, the Delphinium is the official birth flower of those born in July.

The primary Delphinium symbolism is of cheerfulness and goodwill. The flower represents encouragement, joy, and good fortune as well.

Meanings By Color

Dark Blue - dignity and grace. White - innocence and purity Pink - love Purple - royalty and beauty Light Blue - youth and success

What Climate Do Delphiniums Prefer?