Camellia Meaning and Facts

The flower was named after the botanist Georg Joseph Kamel and is related to Camellia sinensis, otherwise known as the tea plant.

In Japan’s Shinto religion, it was believed the gods lived in the Camellia flower, when in spirit form, while visiting Earth.

Unyielding love is the primary Camellia meaning in this country. The symbolism is based on the flower’s anatomy and how the blooms die off.


Camellia symbolism in Japan represents strong love as well as a tie to the honored Japanese Samurai. The Samurai believed the flowers were symbols of bravery and strength.


Across the ocean the Camellia flower meaning is rooted in love. The flower is used to convey adoration, longing, love, and passion.

North America

White - purity and innocence Pink - long-distance love and relationships, longing Red - love, passion, romance, and desire Yellow - friendship

Meanings by Color

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