Broad Mites

by Marijke Puts 07.05.2023

Understanding and Controlling

Polyphagotarsonemus latus (broad mites)  are quite small in size like the russet mite. A single mite can measure up to 0.25 mm in size. As adults, they are fitted with 8 legs and sharp piercing, and sucking mouthparts.

The lifespan of these mite species is very short. The adults live for a maximum of 2 weeks. There are 4 stages to their life cycle and it all starts with the adult female broad mite. She lays about 40  broad mite eggs on the underside of leaves.

The damages caused by broad mites look similar to those caused by a virus. They can cause a slight distortion of the plant’s leaves. This can be visible by the leaves curling up and changing color to brown. You can also see stripes, spots, and patches all over the plant.

Broad Mite Treatment

- check any ornamental plant before  purchase  - If the symptoms from a plant infestation seem severe, dispose of the plant - use Horticultural oils and neem oil - mix Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) with water. - introduce broad mite predators - keep the infested plant in heated water

How do broad mites spread?