Zebra Stripes and Green Wonders: Unveiling the Mystique of Alocasia Zebrina

The Zebrina Alocasia houseplant is listed as a threatened or endangered plant species in the Philippines, making it illegal to collect the plant species in the country.

Light Requirements

The Zebrina Alocasia requires sufficient bright but indirect light to thrive. Their broad leaves were designed to soak up as much light as possible from the shaded jungle canopy.

Water Requirement

Ensure you water your Zebrina plant often as they love their soil to be moist. However do be careful when watering, its roots are susceptible to rot so avoid overwatering them.

Soil Requirement

Ensure that the soil used for your Alocasia Zebrina is a very well-draining, nutrient-rich soil that holds moisture within for a long time.

The Zebrina houseplant thrives in an area with high humidity, so do ensure that you provide that for your beloved houseplant. Getting a humidifier would be ideal for the Elephant Ear plant or you can store it in a greenhouse.

Pruning Requirements

Ensure you prune out the damaged leaves often so as to encourage proper, healthy growth of new leaves. This should be done during its growing months.

When propagating the Zebrina Alocasia, you can use one of two methods; – Separate close-growing plants, or – Divide the assets and corms that grow on the plants. Either way, be careful so as not to disturb the delicate roots of the Alocasia Zebrina.

Is zebrina Alocasia rare?