Alocasia Varieties  That Are Perfect  For Your Home

Alocasias is that beautiful, lush plant that gives the tropical, jungle feel or vibes to home. Whenever you think of alocasias, imagine a plant with large, glossy, and dramatic leaves.

Dragon Scale Alocasia

The dragon scale Alocasia is a real captivator with its large, heart-shaped silver leaves lined with black veins spread out on the leaves.

Ivory Coast Alocasia

It comes with lush dark-green leaves and silver veins for contrast.

Hooded Dwarf Alocasia

Its distinctive feature is its waxy and rich green leaves.

Alocasia Regosa

The colors mix in such a way that one can be fooled into believing it is artificial.

Alocasia Red Secret

The Alocasia Cuprea is nicknamed “red secret” because of its reddish-pink foliage that stands out.

Alocasia Zebrina

Its black and yellow markings on the petioles are reminiscent of a Zebra’s prints.

What is the average age of an alocasia?