6 easy indoor ferns

That are black thumb-proof!

Ferns can be pretty fussy houseplants.

Luckily though, there are some exceptions!

1. Bird's nest  fern

The genus Asplenium is full of funky ferns that can be grown by beginners.

2. Button  fern

Pellea rotundifolia doesn't need as much moisture as other fern species, making it less challenging.

© COULANGES on Shutterstock.

3. Boston fern

This classic species is perfect to add some of that forest feel to your home.

4. blue star fern

An easy and pretty unusual addition to your houseplant collection!

5. Holly fern

With its nice shiny fronds and easy care, this is a great fern for beginners.

© Gonzalo on Adobe Stock.

6. brake fern

Their beautiful variegation makes ferns from the genus Pteris real eye-catchers.

© by COULANGES on Shutterstock.

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