15 Types Of Jade Plants Suitable For Indoor Spaces

Silver Jade Plant

It features waxy leaves that are succulent and are carried by thick stems that don’t grow tall indoors, reaching 4 feet.

Gollum Jade Plant

The Gollum plant looks like a small tree or bonsai tree.

Ripple Jade Plant

It is a bonsai tree that features succulent waxy leaves that have an unusual wrinkled shape and is green in color.

Crassula Ovata Ruby

You can identify the Crassula Ovata Ruby with its unique red-spotted variegation on its deep green succulent leaves.

Crassula Ovata Hobbit

It measures 30 centimeters at full height and can be planted alongside other small jade plants in a pot.

Pink Jade

These blooms are pink in color and they last all through the year.

Campfire Jade

It features fiery red hues and light green foliage that resembles a propeller.

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