10 Stunning  Shower Plants  To Grow In Your Bathrooms

These moisture-loving plants are easy to grow as they also do well in low lighting.

Snake Plant

Growing snake plants in your bathroom or shower can be easy. They are low-maintenance and can survive days of neglect.

Golden Pothos

The Golden pothos can be grown under artificial lighting or in areas of low lighting.

Eucalyptus Plant

Eucalyptus requires full sunlight to thrive.  But you can grow them in your bathrooms near south-facing windows.

English Ivy

To grow a healthy English ivy in the shower, you would need to water them often.

Air Plant

They are called air plants because they do not need soil to grow.

Moth Orchid

For a healthy moth orchid, you would need a well-draining orchid medium.

What are the disadvantages of putting plants in the shower?