String of pearls succulents (Curio rowleyanus), a popular houseplant.

Why is my string of pearls dying? | 6 common issues

Is your string of pearls (Curio rowleyanus, previously Senecio rowleyanus) succulent not looking its best? You’re not alone. Even many seasoned houseplant enthusiasts struggle with this decorative but notoriously fussy species. Below, we’ll go into 6 common issues with string of pearls, their causes and how to troubleshoot. Let’s figure out what’s wrong and get … Read more

Frithia pulchra

Fairy elephant’s feet | Frithia pulchra care & info

Frithia pulchra succulents aren’t commonly known as ‘fairy elephant’s feet’ for nothing: their green leaves with transparent tips do look like tiny elephant feet. Like baby toes succulents, Frithia pulchra is a window succulent that has adapted perfectly to the harsh grasslands it naturally grows in. It’s not the easiest succulent to grow, but keep … Read more

Cabinet with houseplants including large Senecio rowleyanus (string of pearls).

How to care for string of pearls | Senecio rowleyanus

If you’re looking for a funky trailing houseplant, keep reading. Learn how to care for string of pearls, a vining succulent houseplant with pea-shaped leaves that works perfectly in a nice hanging planter. Let’s go into everything you need to know about string of pearls care and growing this succulent indoors! Name(s) (common, scientific) String … Read more

Large collection of different Sansevieria (snake plant) cultivars, mostly in terracotta planters.

How to propagate a snake plant | In water or soil!

Propagating succulents is super easy and this is no different for Sansevierias, also referred to as snake plants (or recently as Dracaena). Learn how to propagate a snake plant to expand your collection or give away to friends and family! Propagating Sansevieria can be done in water or soil, using leaf cuttings or offsets. Propagating … Read more