Wondering how to divide your Alocasia houseplant? This guide details exactly how to turn one Alocasia into many Alocasias! #houseplants

Propagating Alocasia | Full Alocasia propagation guide

The genus Alocasia contains a few of the most popular houseplant choices like the eye-catching Alocasia amazonica, Alocasia zebrina and Alocasia ‘Stingray’. It’s no surprise many Alocasia owners would like to know how to multiply their plant. With species this spectacular, it’s definitely a case of ‘the more, the merrier’! If you’d like to know … Read more

propagating dracaena

Propagating Dracaena | 3 ways to propagate your Dracaena plant

Houseplants in the Dracaena genus, like the endlessly popular Dracaena marginata, Dracaena ‘lemon-lime’ and ‘lucky bamboo’ are appreciated by houseplant lovers for their non-fussy nature and decorative looks. But did you know these plants aren’t just easy to care for? Propagating Dracaena is also super easy! Is your Dracaena is getting leggy? Do you want … Read more